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Kohary Construction prides itself on high-quality homes. We use only the best materials and offer our clients a wide variety of designs and locations, with a promise to provide you a home to enjoy for years to come.



Quality Workmanship. creative Design.

Some homes boast Old World charm, where the minute you enter you feel transposed in time to a wonderful place in history. And while that feeling strikes the heart, it is the Old World construction qualities that smart home buyers look for in a new home.


Miklos Kohary knows all about the charm, but also knows how to build a solid, well-constructed home - those appreciated by smart, discerning home buyers today.


The Budapest, Hungary native, who came to this country nearly three decades ago, has developed a solid, successful construction business out of his educational training in mechanical engineering. Today his company, Kohary Construction, is one of the most successful and busiest builders in the Puget Sound Area.


Once in Seattle, he worked on the construction of the Seafirst Building, at the time the city's tallest edifice, as well as the Westin Hotel towers and other new construction at the University of Washington.


But Kohary longed for a new challenge. In 1976 he earned his real estate license and for the next seven years enjoyed the fruits and labors of self-employment. His real estate work brought him one day to an old, dilapidated house with two adjoining lots. With the encouragement of a bank, he purchased the property and began his building career with three single family residences.